Saturday, April 16, 2011

Macbook Pro Anti-Glare Screen

I originally bought a 15 inch MacBook Pro with the glossy screen. After using it for several months, and loving it, I decided to upgrade to the 17 inch with the Anti-Glare Hi-Res screen. I read some reviews that the gamma needed to be adjusted and that the Anti-Glare screen wasn't as bright. I noticed no difference between the two and I absolutely love the Anti-Glare after having used it for several months. The higher resolution makes it hard to read some text on most web pages. The magic trackpad makes this really a non issue as it is really easy to make any text bigger with a simple gesture. Another nice feature about the screen is it's not nearly as much of a finger print magnet that the glossy screen is. The $50 charge for the Anti-Glare screen is worth every penny.