Sunday, November 7, 2010

ITS Tactical

I discovered ITS Tactical about a year ago while looking how to tie a specific knot. I bookmarked it and moved on. Then on another random search they popped up again. I took a closer look and was impressed. The guys that write all of the articles and keep it running are military veterans and members of the special operations community and they write some very useful articles.

I became a Plank Owner as soon as they offered it. The 250 slots filled up pretty fast but was definitely worth it. They now offer a Crew Leader membership. Both offer discounts and other perks like discounts in there online store and discounts at participating partners. ITS does a lot of giveaways as well and you can win some pretty cool gear. The articles are top notch and very informative and useful. Check them out definitely worth the time and you may even learn something new.

Zero Tolerance 0300 in all black

It's been awhile and I picked up quite a few things since my last post. I'm off to Iraq here shortly and will more than likely have some time to add some new posts. On to the Zero Tolerance 0300.

I have been using this knife for about 6 months now and I definitely love it and usually don't go anywhere without it. Weighing in at over 8 ounces this folder is heavy. It features a re-curve blade in S30V steel and Speed-Safe assisted opening. G-10 scales and titanium make up the handles and the pocket clip is 4 way adjustable. The thumb studs are a little too close to the handles to really be useful so the design has included a flipper that you can use in conjunction with the Speed-Safe. The blade is sharp and stays that way for quite awhile.

I had to send this knife in once so far for warranty and sharpening and must say that I am impressed with the warranty service. The whole process took about 3 weeks round trip and was covered under the warranty no questions asked even though I modified the knife slightly, if you noticed the parts that I sanded silver. I also disassembled it once to see what made it work as I like to take everything apart.

This is a solid knife that once you get used to the size you will love it. The price is on the upper end at a suggested retail of 295 but I was able to pick one up for 275 shipped. If you want a solid always ready folder the ZT 0300 will definitely do the job the first time every time.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Eberlestock Halftrack Inital Review

The Eberlestock Halftrack is one amazing bag. I purchased this bag because I wanted an updated bag that not everybody had like the Camelback BFM. Military Times gear scout did an assault pack Cordon and Review of different assault packs with guys in Afghanistan. The Eberlestock was well liked and rode well with body armor which is one thing that I looked for. The addition of the radio rack and the ability to carry 4 bladders was also a plus. The quality is the great, Eberlestock didn't cut any corners which is rare these days.
The logo and a spot for an American Flag or other morale patch.

Carry Handle, just the right size.

Behind the molle webbing is another stash 
pocket which is convenient for small items. 
The buckles are all tactical style and are pretty
quiet for a plastic buckle. A nice feature that
surely wasn't as cheap as they could have gone.

The top cave is really nice for storing your camera,
Gerber, or other smaller item that you need quick,
convenient access to. 

Another view of the top cave with my Surefire G2 LED.

The inside with the shelf folded down and radio rack up.

 With the shelf up and radio rack down. There are plenty of small
pockets on the inside that are great for organizing all of your little
accessories and random gear. I was also able to stash my ACH helmet
inside which I was unable to do with the BFM.

This compartment was designed for the built in rain cover. You are 
able to stash a knife, flashlight or a small handgun if you were to 
take out the rain cover. You may not be able to get to it super fast but 
it very well may be overlooked by someone going through your bag in a hurry.

The cave when empty.

 The harness is very adjustable. There is also molle webbing 
on the waist belt. Internal adjustable aluminum supports are 
another solid feature that helps with the stability of the pack.

 Multiple steps for adjustment to suit many different torsos.

The top has additional rows of molle and a spot for a name tape
for identification purposes.

I've only had the chance to use this for a week during Bradley Gunnery. I will definitely follow this up with a long term review to see how it is holding up and any additional features that I find or forgot to mention. You can get one HERE starting at $229 for most colors. Not all colors are available at all times but they are very good at responding to emails. I had to wait about 2 months to get the ACU pattern to match my uniform. Overall it's a very solid pack that I don't see myselrf replacing anytime soon. Thanks for stopping by.