Sunday, November 7, 2010

ITS Tactical

I discovered ITS Tactical about a year ago while looking how to tie a specific knot. I bookmarked it and moved on. Then on another random search they popped up again. I took a closer look and was impressed. The guys that write all of the articles and keep it running are military veterans and members of the special operations community and they write some very useful articles.

I became a Plank Owner as soon as they offered it. The 250 slots filled up pretty fast but was definitely worth it. They now offer a Crew Leader membership. Both offer discounts and other perks like discounts in there online store and discounts at participating partners. ITS does a lot of giveaways as well and you can win some pretty cool gear. The articles are top notch and very informative and useful. Check them out definitely worth the time and you may even learn something new.

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