Sunday, November 1, 2009

Boker Plus M-type by Chad Los Banos

Last week I ordered a Boker M-type by Chad Los Banos in black. It was on sale fo $39 and change. The knife is made in Germany and ships from the Denver area. My first impressions were good. It has a nice feel to it, not too heavy but just right, and is extremely sharp as I would expect from any knife. The blade is 3 5/8" but looks a lot bigger and it's made out of 440C stainless. Blade play is nonexistent which I did not expect. Blade finish is outstanding and seems to be durable.


The pocket clip is reversible plus it has nice tension. The frame lock is a little tighter than I would like although I would rather have that then have it fail and I lose my fingers.


Overall for $39 bucks it's a great knife. Low profile pocket clip/carry. I recommend picking one up as a backup or as a second EDC knife.


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