Thursday, October 29, 2009

Survival BOB

So recently I was made aware of what I had been doing for years. I was unintentionally making a BOB and not even knowing it. So recently I have been doing some research and came up with a lot of good info. One of the most interesting sites that I've found lately is Zombie Hunters. Amazing stuff they have there as well as great ideas. I will leave you with pics of what I have so far, very much a work in progress.


Pic of the whole thing.

Pelican cases camera and iPod, Surefire and Inova LED candles, various knives including my Cold Steel Recon 1 a CRKT, Kershaw, and Gerber with mini scissors multi tool, Notebooks, sunscreen and extra CR123 batteries, An Epi Pen, flash drive and survival paracord bracelets.

You should never leave home without a Woobie also two field stripped MRE's and a sleeping mat. Not pictured is the rest of the sleep system.

I've got three issued style fleece hats as 90% of heat loss is through the head, 550 cord with some various caribiners, 100 mph tape more 550 a Camelbak BFM with 100 oz bladder, gloves and a pair of Gerber's that are almost always on my riggers belt which is a Spec Ops tan variant.

I don't have any cold gear as I'm still working on that. Let me know what you think.


  1. Not bad mine looks similar to yours and have used mine in real world situations’ I don’t know about you but just when it think I have what I need, they just find a way to separate me from my money. stay safe and don’t go broke……..Mountainghost

  2. Yeah absolutely. I keep finding new things that would be work better or last longer. It's just a never ending keeping up with the Jones' thing.